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BPViz is committed to broadening participaton of all persons, specifically women and members of underrepresented groups and underrepresented disciplines in data visualization. The workshop is diverse in participants, content and speakers. Visualization is a catalyst for communication, a conduit for collaboration and a pathway to STEM. It is imperative that a field with such far reaching impact be as diverse and inclusive as possible. Past workshop participants have included undergraduates, graduate students, students from K12, administrators, junior faculty, senior facutly, post-docs, research scientists, librarians, the list goes on.   

The goals of BPViz are three-fold: (1) broaden participation of women, members of underrepresented group and underrepresented disciplines in visualization, (2) foster a community of current and future scholars with interests in visualization through mentoring and (3) encourage participants to consider visualization as a career path. 

The vision of the workshop is to build a diverse community of researchers and professionals willing to share their wisdom, expertise and experiences in research, academia, and industry in the visualization field.